The Plan Of Attack

We live on a beautiful property in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

Previously the property was planted with annuals and it ended up being too much work to maintain. We run Organic Empire  (amongst other businesses) which keeps us busy enough as it is – so we needed something with less maintenance.

We decide a food forest was our best option because:

  • We would have produce to harvest for consumption/sale
  • Minimum maintenance required once established
  • Great for providing a home for wildlife, insects, etc
  • Provide a natural retreat for us

We began with an empty paddock and the first step was to create a basic plan.

We love farm animals so we decided to section off 1/3 of the 2 acres for housing animals.

Attached is the plan we came up with. We are going to group our fruit trees based on type to make it easier to harvest, prune, net, etc as needed.

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