Fencing in our food forest

As we have goats (and want to get more animals), the first step was to fence in our food forest. The only problem was the fence needed to be 100m long!

We wanted a fence that would look nice but also be functional (in terms of keeping small and large animals out). A Google search showed we needed fences over 1200m high to keep goats from escaping.

We went with 1800mm Cyprus posts, 6m treated pine palings and galvanised wire mesh. We put the wire between the palings and the posts to keep it secure.

Cypress posts in the ground

We used an electric post hole digger to dig holes every 3m. We aimed to dig the posts in 600mm (it ended up being less).

Once the posts were straight we filled with 50% soil and 50% concrete…. the key is to get a big crowbar and compact the ground as you go.

We then put the wire on to the posts but couldn’t get it tight. Our local fence-building friend put a few screws in a 2×4 and used a strong strap to pull it as tight as possible.

Pulling the wire tight using a 2×4 and a strong strap

We bought the wire in 1x 100m lot which made it very difficult to work with (weight was 120kg). In future we would go with 2x 50m lots just to make it easier to handle.

We then used large staples and a hammer to affix the wire to the posts. The next step was to put the palings on, this was reasonably fast using a nail gun.

The last step was to attach the gates. The finished product can be seen at the top of the page.


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